Constantia Cleaner Restorer 270ml

Since 1977 Constantia have been creating some of the world’s finest furniture. Each piece is finished using the Constantia Organic Finishes range. The organic finishes are non-toxic, delightfully easy to use, provide the greatest enhancement of colour and figure and ensure the longest last of all products trialled over 45 years.

Constantia was selected to design and build the Central Table & Hansard Desk in Australia’s New Parliament House. These magnificently handcrafted pieces of furniture and other items in the house are finished and maintained with Constantia Organic Finishes.


Constantia's Timber Cleaner & Restorer cleans and restores all finishes. It effectively brightens old, neglected timber surfaces and finishes with amazing results.

  • For use on interior and exterior surfaces.
  • Very easy to apply and maintain.
  • Safe to use on the most delicate of finishes including French Polish.
  • Cleaner Restorer creates a mild etching effect that removes oxidisation, dirt, grime and wax build up.
  • Contains organic plant oils to prevent scratching.
  • Ideal for all timber restoration needs.
  • Use in conjunction with Lincoln Furniture Wax for improved results.


Constantia’s Organic Wood Finishing products are produced, packaged and shipped from within Australia.


Shake the contents of the container well until an even colour and consistency forms.
Using a clean, lint free, cotton cloth, apply sparingly in the direction of the grain, working small areas at a time. Leave for approximately one minute and remove with a clean cloth. Ideal for French Polish.
Use fine steel wool with Cleaner Restorer to remove heavy build up and wax. Take care not to leave fragments in the finish.

Follow with Lincoln Furniture Wax.

Constantia Cleaner Restorer 270ml

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