Constantia Seedlac 270ml

Since 1977 Constantia have been creating some of the world’s finest furniture. Each piece is finished using the Constantia Organic Finishes range. The organic finishes are non-toxic, delightfully easy to use, provide the greatest enhancement of colour and figure and ensure the longest last of all products trialled over 45 years.

Constantia was selected to design and build the Central Table & Hansard Desk in Australia’s New Parliament House. These magnificently handcrafted pieces of furniture and other items in the house are finished and maintained with Constantia Organic Finishes.


Seedlac is a high grade French polish/Gloss finish of superior lustre, clarity and depth. Similar to Shellac, Seedlac provides far greater resistance to wear and temperature and can be used on interior and exterior timber, steel, stone and cork. Seedlac can be blended with Constantia Chinese Wood Oil or applied over the top to create a higher gloss. Easy to apply and maintain.



  • Use a good quality brush, lint free, cotton cloth, polishing rubber or spray gun to apply Seedlac. Apply in even strokes in the direction of the grain.
  • Apply 2-3 coats and allow approximately 12 hours or until the finish is dry before repeating process.
  • Wet or dry paper or "00" and "000" steel wool (taking care not to leave fragments in the finish) may be used to cut back between coats.
  • Traditionally preferred by professional French Polishers for superior clarity and durability.

Constantia Seedlac 270ml

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