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Dust Collection Accessory Kit 4"


This Kit will fit out multiple machines with cut offs at each machine for the most efficient air flow.



  • for abrasive solids such as dust, powder, fibres and chips
  • for industrial air movement and fume control
  • for extraction arms and dust collection equipment
  • for CNC machining areas



2 x 100mm (4″) x 3m (10′) Flexible Grey Hose
1 x Table Saw Dust Hood
1 x Universal Dust Hood
1 x 100mm (4″) Y fitting
10 x 100mm (4″) Steel Clamps
4 x 100mm (4″) Blast Gates
1 x 22″ Floor Sweeper
1 x 150mm (6″) Jointer Dust Hood

Dust Collection Accessory Kit 4"

SKU: 8600539

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