NAGU Shark Mini Carbide Turning Tools Set


Shark Mini carbide turning tools set is ideal for beginners and advanced turner‘s alike, it provides unmatched functionality and superior quality. If you love turning but hate sharpening, Shark Procarbide turning tools would be the best choice.

Shark Mini is a unique tool, it combines 3 blades with different carbide cutters. It can be used on spindle projects as well as bowl or faceplate projects. The three shafts with different carbide cutters can fit into Nagu’s unique interchangeable wood handle system and supplied in an  attractive presentation box.


Tooless Quick Locking Handle
Eliminates the hassle of set screws and allen keys, lets you change tools in only seconds without tools. Well constructed 8“ Africa Blackwood Handle featured with machinability and dimensional stability, the most harded wood in the world give you wood feeling, but metal performance for great balance.


High Strength Steel
Well engineered shaft made by ChroMoly alloy steel gives a truely solid support to the cutter for cleaner cutting.


Germany Nano-grain Powder
The cutter is made by 0.6um Nano-grain powder from Germany with 10% Cobalt,gives you a long life sharp edge without compromise. Especially easy for hard woods and resin wood turning.


Class 12.9 Cutter Screw
The cutter can be fastened firmly with the class 12.9 carbon steel screw onto the CNC machined cutter seats, no issue of screw coming loose during turning.


Nice Presentation Box
Attractive package with EVA insert for safe protection of the tools during shipment.


 *Overall Tool Length: 12‘’
 *Handle Length: 14”
 *Blade Length: 8“‘
 *Handle Material: Solid African Blackwood
 *Blade Material: Chromium steel
 *Cutter Material: Carbide


1 x  8” Solid Africa Blackwood Handle           
1 x Round Carbide Cutter with Blade
1 x 35“ Diamond Carbide Cutter with Blade               
1 x Square Carbide Cutter with Blade
1 x T15 Star Wrench
1 x Presentation box

NAGU Shark Mini Carbide Turning Tools Set of 3

SKU: 10300-NC