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Dust Collector 1PH 2HP 1Bag DC1500 by Oltre WITH METAL FLUE


This 2hp machine features a solid base with castors, more efficient air flow / suction due to an all metal flue between the impellers and the collection bags, as well as handy bag tabs that assist when attaching the bottom plastic bag.


It comes standard with a Needlefelt Top Bag and Plastic Bottom Bag.


This unit has more than enough power for 2-3 machines (using Shut Offs at each machine). Perfect for the home handyman or for individual larger machines.


Optional Accessories:-

  • Replacement Bottom Bag Plastic
  • Replacement Needlefelt Top Bag


Dust Collection Accessories:-

  • Dust Hose Anti Static Clear 100mm
  • Hose Clamps
  • Blast Gate 100mm Plastic


Full 12 Month Manufacturer’s Warranty for Wood Dust



OLTRE Dust Extractor 1ph 2hp

SKU: 8600702

    Dimensions 420 x 410 x 420 mm
    Brand Oltre
    Net Weight 47kg
    Motor Power 2HP 1500W
    Shipping Dimensions (LxWxH) 920 x 580 x 580mm
    Shipping Weight 51kg
    Power Supply 240V 50Hz Single Phase
    Electrical Connection Lead & Plug
    Air Supply 1490CFM
    Fan Diameter: 300mm
    Inlet Diameter: 125mm
    Filter Bag Material (Top) Needlefelt
    Bag Diameter 500mm
    Bag Height 850mm
    Bag Volume 0.153m3
    Product Dimensions - Depth 750mm
    Product Dimensions - Height 2000mm
    Product Dimensions - Length / Width 1000mm
    Collection Bag Material (base) Clear Plastic

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