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ORGANOIL High Speed Finishing Oil 500ml


Organoil’s Hi-Speed Finishing Oilis specifically formulated & acutely instructed for on-lathe, under-turning-speed finishing. It is a heavy oil which can well deal with the load (fill) requirements of softwoods - you may choose to cut it (with vegetable turpentine) for denser hardwoods. One of its unique ingredients is the rare, Mustard Seed Oil (a well kept Aussie secret until now!) which gives the formulation good ‘slip’ for the wet-sanding procedure and a silken touch to the finished result. For items intended for food serving, chopping/work tops etc. this oil would be too“soft” – refer to below product “Hard BURNISHING OIL”.

Available Sizes 500ml.




ORGANOIL High Speed Finishing Oil 500ml


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