315mm (12.5”) x 510mm (20”) Variable Speed MIDI Lathe 70-220VSR by Rikon


315mm x 510mm Variable Speed Midi Lathe #70-220VSR is basically a scaled down, portable version of larger, free-standing lathes using tools rests with 25mm diameter posts. Designed and constructed heavier than the mini lathe for added stability, this newly designed machine has features requested by professionals – a more powerful 1HP motor, electronic variable speed controls, wider range of operating speeds, digital RPM readout, forward/reverse drive, index settings, and larger diameter and spindle length turning capacity. Includes spur centre, live centre, 75mm faceplate, tool rest, knock-out bar, wrenches and tool holder.



  • 315mm (12.5”) Swing / 510mm (20”) Between Centres
  • 24 Position Index Head
  • Easy Access Speed Change
  • Nylon Face Plate Washer
  • Self Ejecting Tail Stock
  • Ability To Add Multiple Extensions
  • 1HP motor delivers all the power you need for turning spindles to large bowls or platters
  • Big turning capacity of 12-1/2″ diameter swing and 20″ between centres
  • 24 Position Index head allows accurate pattern or design work on projects
  • Electronic variable speeds 250-3850RPM with LED display and forward/reverse functions



  • Motor Power: 1HP
  • RPM 2,900RPM
  • Direction: Forward / Reverse
  • Electronic Variable Speeds: 250 to 3,850
  • Ranges: 250–750, 550–1,650, 1,300–3,850
  • Swing over Bed: 315mm (12.5”)
  • Swing over Tool Rest: 248mm
  • Spindle Nose Inch x TPI: 30mm x 3.5P
  • Headstock Taper: MT2
  • Tailstock Taper: MT2
  • Ram Travel: 90mm
  • Indexing Positions: 24
  • Length: 1035mm
  • Width 305mm
  • Height 447mm




RIKON Variable Speed Midi Lathe 1hp

SKU: 8000725

    Brand Rikon
    Tool/ Equipment Type Lathe
    Use Woodworking
    Motor Power 1HP / 750W
    Product Dimensions - Depth 305mm
    Product Dimensions - Height 447mm
    Product Dimensions - Length / Width 1035mm
    Headstock Spindle Taper MT2
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