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Sherwood 13in Deluxe Thicknesser with Helical Head


Sherwood's world-famous 13in Deluxe Thicknesser is the only benchtop thicknesser with a helical cutter head!

The cutterhead fitted with 30 X 15mm wide carbide knives on a true helical head pass over more material, leaving a smoother finish while not having to work as hard. This in conjunction with tungsten carbide blades, leave your workpiece so clean, sanding may not be necessary.


Helical heads will soon be the standard in all workshops. Yes, they produce a formidably better result, we all know that, but the amount of money they'll save you in the long-term has to be seen to be believed.


But there's a lot more to this unit than an extremely efficient, smooth thicknesser. Our workshop staff rave about this machine and it's gone (woodworking) viral on YouTube, largely because it packs so many features you only find on industrial models with other brands into such an incredibly affordable, robust, portable unit. It even looks the part, which a level of fit and finish that if you think you're going to find on a cheap import, you're dreaming. Sherwood's manufacturing standards are supreme, with their thicknesser range arguably the highlight of the entire Aussie brand's arsenal. 


The knives in this unit offer improved cutting performance and a much longer cutting time before becoming blunt - reducing the running costs of this unit significantly over the lifetime of the machine. Integrated rollers in the top to pass material back over when in use, providing more protection and presence wherever it goes. We encourage you to have a look around, because we're certain that you won't find a machine that offers this level of value anywhere else in the world.


Helical Head Thicknesser Features

  • Solid granite base, improving machine weight and stability while maintaining consistent flatness.
  • Built-in depth-of-cut stop. Set the depth to all common thicknesses in imperial and metric measurements maintaining consistent thickness when planing multiple pieces.
  • Larger in-feed and out-feed tables that support your workpiece more effectively.
  • Cutter head parallelism is maintained by four precision-ground steel posts.
  • In-built dust chute and dust port with a unique three step size built into one outlet.


Why spiral cutterheads, we hear you say...?
True shear cut helical heads provide for a very efficient and smooth cut, requiring less horsepower, making smaller chips and operating with far less noise than other types of cutterheads. 

Unlike conventional single straight knives, you do not need to replace the knife if it becomes damaged or dull. Instead, if one knife edge is damaged or needs sharpening simply turn it to another edge in seconds. You will only need to replace the inserts when four edges are dull, giving you more life than speed steel knives.


How long do Spiral Cutterhead Knives last?
Expect to rotate the knives once for 8-10 blade changes on traditional straight HSS blades. And rotate it four times before ever replacing them. So the knives will last up to 40 times longer than straight blade knives.


Why should you buy a Sherwood thicknesser?
Sherwood are arguably Australia's leading thicknesser and jointer manufacturers because they back themselves and the quality of their machines. Unlike many of the cheaper imports on the market, this Aussie brand flaunts incredible build quality and attention to detail - the unsurpassed five-year warranty on every thicknesser says it all. 


The tables and fences on every machine are rock-solid and the feeding system Sherwood utilise competes with thicknessers and jointers at the very top of the international market. Every part of this machine is carefully designed and tested to ensure that it will provide eons of reliable, accurate trouble-free service. The dust chutes are carefully built in to create the most efficient running machine possible, while every safety consideration is tailored for. The results you get with a Sherwood thicknesser, jointer or combination planer are always extremely accurate, which is why they're used by countless professionals across the country and beyond.


Benchtop Thicknesser with Helical Spiral Head Specifications

Motor1500W (2HP) Brush Type
Cutter-head Speed8500 rpm
Knives30 x 15mm-Wide TCT Knives
Blade TypeHelical Spiral
Cutter-Head LockYes
Max Planing Capacity330 x 152 mm
Min Stock Thickness5mm
Planer Bed Size330 x 238 mm
Extension Table Size332 x 230 mm
Planer Feed Speed7.5m/min
Extension Table Size332 x 230 mm
Dust Port Diameter2 in, 2 1/2 in, 4 in
Machine Footprint550 x 710 x 480 mm
Weight35 kg
Amperage10 amps

Sherwood 13in Deluxe Thicknesser with Helical Head


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