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Sherwood Maxi Wood Lathe 230mm Swing Multi-Format 1500W 2HP Variable Speed

Experience the perfect marriage of flexibility and power with Sherwood’s Maxi 230mm Swing Lathe. With its innovative approach to outboard turning, it is the ideal machine for turners who perform a wide variety of techniques in their wood turning.


The Sherwood Maxi Wood Lathe 230mm Swing

The Sherwood 230mm Maxi Wood Lathe features a full 230mm swing over bed, front-mountable bed extension and a swivelling headstock, giving it capacity for outboard turning of large diameter work.


Its massive cast-iron body ensures safe and precise turning without movement or vibration. The #2 Morse Tapers at the head and tailstock ends, ensure that it’s compatible with all your favourite centres. And, the handy magnetic, moveable switch-box gives you the ultimate versatile work station – no more stretching for that switch.


Three-Phase Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Induction Motor

The three-phase 1500W (2HP) induction motor (inverted from a 15amp single phase input) delivers huge efficiency, performance, and reliability gains when compared to single-phase and DC counterparts. Compared with DC motors, induction motors are quieter, simpler and more reliable.


The main benefit of using an induction motor is high torque at low speed. Speed is controlled by the VFD, which converts your single-phase household power supply into three-phase for the motor. When you need to slow right down for uneven workpieces or larger diameters, the Sherwood Maxi 230mm Wood Lathe runs as slow as 50rpm without losing any torque, so you can rely on constant, powerful performance. In addition, unlike many DC motors, AC induction motors have no brushes that wear out and need replacing.


Electronic Variable Speed

When you need the best possible level of control to optimise your accuracy and eliminate speed-related tear-out and chatter, then EVS is essential. Go up to 3850rpm for fast, clean shaping of thinner stock, or slow things down for removing large quantities of materials and rough cuts with maximum torque. Perfect for maintaining stability when roughing irregular pieces, or for turning some of our harder Aussie timbers.


Forward and reverse settings allow you to hollow out your projects with ease, keeping eyes on what you’re doing, as well as allowing the cleanest finish as you sand in both directions. The power is in your hands. 


Front-Mountable Bed Extension

The Sherwood Maxi 230mm Wood Lathe is supplied with an 405mm extension bed which can be mounted either end of the bed, or perpendicular at the headstock. This allows for stable turning directly on the front of the lathe when the headstock is turned. It also allows for precision thinning of wide pieces like platters. When mounted at the tailstock, the working length is increased to 1025mm.


Swivelling Headstock  

The Sherwood Maxi 230mm Lathe features a swivelling headstock allowing ultimate versatility for intricate tasks. The headstock can be turned to the side for outboard turning of large pieces. A test bar is included to ensure the head and tailstock centres are correctly aligned.


5-Year Warranty

All Sherwood products feature a standard 5-Year limited warranty. No other wood lathe in its class is more supported than the Sherwood Maxi 230mm Wood Lathe. 


Motor3-Phase 1500W 2HP Induction Motor
Note – this machine has single-phase 15A plug (VFD converts to three-phase)
Spindle Speed50-3850 RPM
Working Length620mm between centres
1025mm between centres with extension
Bed Height865mm
Thread SizeM30
Taper#2 Morse Taper
Face Plate80mm
Tool Rest305mm/12in
Tool Rest Stem1in ø x 130mm L
Workshop Footprint1300 L x 625 W x 1195mm H
1705 L x 625 W x 1195mm H (with bed extension at end)
1300 L x 1030 W x 1195mm H (with bed extension at front)
Shipping Dimensions1467 L x 668 W x 752 H mm

Sherwood Maxi Wood Lathe Multi-Format 1500W 2HP EVS


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