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Toughcut CNC Router with ATC 415V SAPPHIRE 1224


The Toughcut SAPPHIRE CNC Router Series is designed for the production of custom furniture, parts, and prototyping. The quality robust working centre is suitable for hobbyists, craftspeople, schools, education and small workshops environments.



  • AUTO TOOL CHANGER | 8 Tool Changer with ISO30 for fast tool change and efficiency (no need for manual tool change).
  • DRIVE MOTOR | Leadshine Servo Motor
  • ELECTRONICS | Leadshine Electronics
  • GUIDE RAILS | HIWIN Guide Rails with sliding technology to easily drive the machine and ensure good bearing capacity.
  • Automatic tool length calibration device.
  • Vacuum table for holding the workpiece.



  • Furniture & Wood Processing: wooden doors, chairs, cabinets, stairs, computer tables, sewing machine, musical instruments.
  • Plate processing: insulation, plastic and chemical, the PCB, move the car body, bowing, track, stars anti-special board, epoxy, resin, ABS, PP, PE, and other carbon mixture.
  • Decoration / Craft Industry: Engraving characters/patterns onto gifts, souvenirs, and shaping of acrylic, PVC, MDF, artificial stone, plexiglass, plastic, copper and aluminum, and other soft metal plate engraving and milling cutting.
  • Advertising / Signage Industry: Engraving and cutting of various labels and signage on materials including marble, brass, steel, and other metallic material.
  • Engraving: Engraving characters, numbers, and other patterns on labels for products directly.
  • Architectural Models: Engraving fine window, fencing, and wall patterns.


Standard Inclusions

  • 8 x ISO30 Tool holders
  • 5.5kw Vacuum pump for work table


Workshop Requirements

  • 20amp 5pin 415V socket outlet
  • Compressed air supply, minimum FAD 200L/MIN @ 6 bar - the machine is fitted with Nitto Style Male Fitting
  • Dust Extraction, Minimum 3HP, 100mm outlet
  • Tooling, the machine is not supplied with tooling
  • Collets for tool Holders - size Depends on the tooling
  • CAD / CAM Software (i.e vertical v carve)
  • Bracket for holding dust hose
  • Compressed Air


Full Specifications

CE Standard, ATC_L8, Linear tools changer/clamp, with 8 ISO30 cone tools )

-- Machine body: Welded steel body * gantry

-- Working Area: 1240mm*2440mm*200mm( without cone/maximum length of tools is 90mm)

-- Spindle: 6KW Water cooled spindle/BT30/24000RPM/120mm + Water chiller CW5000

              Option:- China HQD CC 6KW /Air Cooling/ ISO30/18000RPM

-- Inverter: Delta MS300 / 7.5 KW

-- Mist spray cooling and + kerosene pump

-- D=25mm Ball Screw, T-Win 25mm Linear Guide

-- XYZ HIWIN Ball screw D32mm drive,

-- Servo motor/Leadshine 750W (XY Rack andPinion)(20'Monitor Electric cabinet)

-- Japan SHIMPO Planetary Reducer

-- Controller: Taiwan LNC MW2500D/wireless handwheel/ Mechtrolink III/20’ Monitor

--Table: Compact panel/Single Layer/Black color/ vacuum Solenoid butterfly valves

-- OPTION  Safety light barrier: China ANXIE brand 800mm length

-- 2 zones, Vacuum pump:1 x 5.5KW Vortex vacuum pump (M code) (under of machine body)

-- Dust collector hoods: Spindle D=100mm, switch (M code)

-- Tools auto calibrator D=60mm-- Automatic lubrication system

-- Voltage-415V/50HZ/3P

-- Net Weight: 1300KGS

-- Machine body size:LXWXH= 1800mmX3050mmX1800mm


12 Month Manufacturer's Warranty




OPTIONAL Puma P30S Compressor shown

Toughcut CNC Router with ATC 415V SAPPHIRE 1224

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