Angle Copier TC133R by Virutex, Manufactured in Spain


Angle Copy determines the correct angle when making mitre cuts, or cuts other than 90º.


When copying the desired angle with Angle Copy, the cu­tting guide divides the angle in two, giving the exact po­sition for the mitre cut. It is also provided with a small knob to fix the copied angle and to avoid mistakes when transferring the angle to the machine.


Placing the Angle Copy parallel to the piece and cutting with the saw parallel to the angle marked by the cut­ting guide, a perfect mitre cut is obtained. There is no need for messy calculations and measurements, it is simple and fast. Angle Copy is compatible with any brand mitre saw.


The guide can be used for internal or external angles and also can be used to mark the cutting angle on the piece with a pen or a hand saw.


Angle Copier suits carpentry, building and many other applications.


Full 12 Month Manufacturer’s Warranty

VIRUTEX Angle Copier TC133R

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