Curved Abrasive Planer CE123N by Virutex, Manufactured in Spain


Similar to the CE23N model, but with an adjustable curved base for concave, convex and flat surfaces. Specially useful for working in shipyards, where resins with fiberglass, carbon fibre and kevlar are used. Also for stripping layers of gel coat and paint. Equipped with dus collection nozzle.


Optional Accessories:-


2345510 Roller 40G Carborundum

2345511 Roller 50G Carborundum

2345512 Roller 60G Carborundum

2345514 Roller 60G Zirconium oxide*  (* for hard materials)


Full 12 Month Manufacturer Warranty

VIRUTEX Curved Abrasive Planer CE123N

SKU: 51396
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