Dry Wall Sander LPM97S by Virutex, Manufactured in Spain


Ideal for painters and decorators for sanding walls and ceilings. Ergonomic and strong design is easy to use and light weight. Well balanced machine guiding allowing to sand in several angles in an easy way. The motor placed in the upper position, near the sanding disc, makes the machine very handy and allows working on walls and ceilings with total control. Big sanding capacity. Electronic speed control to choose the most suitable speed for the surface to be sanded and the sanding paper. Switch protected against the dust and distant from the sanding area. Dust collection nozzle with fast bayonet connector. Dust collection pie (4m) and carrying bag included as standard equipment.



  • No-load speed:650-1.300 /min
  • Short Reach: 225mm
  • Standard equipment LPM97S:-
  • Standard equipment
  • Carrying case, sanding disc gr. 80 and bayonet dust collection connector included as standard.


Optional accessories:-

  • Abrasives


Full 12 Month Manufacturer Warranty

VIRUTEX Dry Wall Sander LPM97S

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