Electronic Tiltable Trimmer FR292R by Virutex, Manufactured in Spain


Numerous trimming possibilities.

The only trimmer capable of trimming the excess of the panel or edge surfaces flat or at any angle, without changing the bit. Its wide base provides effective guiding and easy trimming. It offers numerous additional trimming possibilities, thanks to the unique tilting and adjustment system. Equipped with a powerful 750W motor with electronic speed adjustment and constant torque control for a constant motor speed under load. External dust collector connection.


Easier, more accurate trimming, with the special 90º bit

The machine body can be tilted to approximately 46.5º, so that the edge of the bit is at 1.5º to the surface, preventing damage when trimming excess edges. Once the excess coating has been trimmed from the board surface (1), just position the bit at the level of the base to trim the excess edge level with the surface (2). By simply operating a single adjustment control, you can trim a further excess surface or edge.By tilting the machine to the horizontal position, you can trim 45º chamfered edges. You can also chamfer to the angle you require (Aº) between 0º and 45º, by tilting the motor body to the required intermediate angle (45º + Aº on the machine indicator)


Trimming with the straight bit

The tiltable motor body permits the trimming of straight edges with the cylindrical bit as well as the excess surface. Excess panel is trimmed with the motor body in the vertical position, and edges with the motor body inclined to 91.5º, i.e. at 1.5º below the board surface, thereby avoiding damage.



  • Double insulation        
  • Input power:        750W
  • Max. bit diameter:        25 mm
  • Chuck collet:        8 mm
  • No-load speed:        14.000-30.000 /min
  • Weight:        2.2 Kg


Standard equipment:-

  • 90º bit for trimming and grooving (1140087)
  • Straight bit Ø 18 mm for trimming and grooving (1140016)
  • Chuck collet Ø 8 mm, copier with ball bearing
  • Lateral fence with compass
  • Service keys
  • Carrying case


Optional Accessories:-

  • 6446073 Standard dust collector attachment 3.5 m
  • 1222084 Chuck collet 6 mm
  • 1222085 Chuck collet 6.35 mm (1/4″)
  • Guide rings for copying
  • Professional bits


Full 12 Month Manufacturer Warranty

VIRUTEX Electronic Tiltable Trimmer FR292R

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