Straight Abrasive / Helicoidal Blade Planer CE223X by Virutex, Manufactured in Spain


The DUO planer is a total new concept. Equipped with interchangeable tool holders for helicoidal blade and abrasive sanding roller. Revolutionary, light and easy to use double hand planer. Easy to adapt to the finish by simply changing the tool holder with helicoidal blade or abrasive sanding roller in few minutes.


Equipped from factory with a cutterholder for helicoidal blade allowing for perfect planing without marking, and with an abrasive roller for sanding several kind of materials: wood and its products, solid surface materials, synthetic materials, stripping paints on flat surfaces etc.


Adjustable rear shoe.



  • Input power        700W
  • Cutting width        80mm
  • Cutting depth        0-3mm
  • Max. rabbeting depth        11mm
  • No-load speed        16500/min
  • Sanding depth        0-1mm
  • Sanding roller width        81mm
  • Weight        3.2Kg


Standard Equipment:-

  • Tool holder with Helicoidal Blade
  • Abrasive Roller Holder with 40G Roller
  • Dust Collection Nozzle
  • Carrying case


Abrasive Sanding Rollers:-

  • 2345510 Roller 40G Carborundum
  • 2345511 Roller 50G Carborundum
  • 2345512 Roller 60G Carborundum
  • 2345514 Roller 60G (Zirconium Oxide)*  (*) for hard materials


Full 12 Month Manufacturer Warranty

VIRUTEX Straight Abrasive / Helicoidal Blade Planer CE223X

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