Tiltable Router 1800W FRE317S by Virutex, Manufactured in Spain


Professional router for wood and solid surface materials. Specially designed for installing or repairing Corian®. Its features make the FRE317S the perfect machine for the Corian® installation. Exclusivity. The only tiltable router. Powerful motor (1800 W) with electronic speed control from 11500 to 23000/min. Routing depth: 100 mm. Equipped with an additional base for working with Corian®. It is also possible to use copying guide rings. The routing base allows to work with copying guide rings.



Equipped with a gaz buffer for the vertical movement, for the routing of joints on Corian® worktops.

Big support surface for trimming works on edges. Cutting depth with micrometric adjustment.

Adjustable stopper with 6 routing depth positions.



  • Input power:        1.800 W
  • No-load speed:        11.500-23.000 /min
  • Chuck collet:        12 mm
  • Max. bit diameter:        61 mm
  • Routing depth:        0-100 mm
  • Weight:        5.5 Kg
  • Bit for rims r. 10 mm HM, slotting bit d.10 mm HM, lateral fence, chuck collet reducers 12-10, 12-8 & 12-6 mm, guide ring Ø ext. 30 mm, wrench e/c 3 mm, wrench e/c 5 mm, wrench e/c 13 mm, wrench e/c 24 mm, locking rod D. 6, dust collection cover for trimming radius, dust collection connector 2.25 m with clamps, bit protection and carrying case.


Optional accessories:-

  • 1745838 Cutting guide UF317S (with suction pads)
  • 6045756 Set of suction pads
  • 1745927 Clamping device ASU317S
  • 1745928 Elastic clamping device ATU317S
  • 1746254 Routing guide UC317S (Should be used with the cutting guide UF317S)
  • 9045754 Rail guide long. 1.40 m
  • 9045755 Rail guide long. 2.40 m
  • 9045812 Jointing kit for 2 guides
  • 6045710 Set of 2 clamp screws


Full 12 Month Manufacturer Warranty

VIRUTEX Tiltable Router 1800W FRE317S

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