Woodcut Bowlsaver Max3 incl 1" toolpost


The Woodcut Bowl Saver produces several bowls from a single block of wood saving you money and time.


 It is safe and easy to use with the peace of mind knowing that the Bowl Saver safely-couples to both the tail-stock and tool rest providing stability and minimising vibration.  It can core a 12" by 4" bowl in less than five minutes.

The long-lasting Stellite cutter will produce up to 500 bowls and works with green or seasoned timber.

The Bowl Saver will fit almost all lathes large and small, simply order a tool post to suit the lathe you are using.

The Woodcut Bowl Saver MAX3 has three blades, small, medium and large.  The third extra large blade which has a cut size of up to 17" or 450mm.

The MAX3 has been designed for larger projects.  A minimum lathe power of 1 HP is recommended.

Designed by turners for turners.  Made in New Zealand

Woodcut Bowlsaver Max3 incl 1" toolpost

SKU: BSM3 1"