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Woodcut Spindle Gouges

The Woodcut range of Bowl and Spindle Gouges are unique.


The tips are machined from M2 HSS solid bar, Heat Treated to 62 Rockwell and Triple Tempered for longer tip life.  When required (approx. every 2-5 years), you can easily and affordably replace your tip only, whilst keeping the rest of the tool.  


Made with strong solid shafts which eliminates flex and vibration resulting in less tool marks and less sanding.  All tools come handled or un-handled.


Designed by turners for turners. Made in New Zealand

  • Strong solid shaft eliminates shaft flex and tool vibration
  • Superior steel means that the tip edges last longer than most other products
  • Reduced replacement price- pay only for the replacement tip
  • Sharp, ready to use out of the box
  • Supplied with polished Ash handle
  • Unhandled tools can be ordered in.


The solid shaft means the tool vibrates less when for example the tool is hanging over the tool rest. The solid shaft also means less tool marks which means less sanding. The tool gives a clean polished finish in the hands of all turners. The Woodcut Gouges can be easily sharpened using the Woodcut Tru Grind sharpening system.


Woodcut Tools are designed by turners, for turners and the Double Ended Gouges are a great example of smart design.  Standard grind tip one end and fingernail grind tip other end.  They are designed to match with the Woodcut Tools Twin Collet Handle.

Woodcut Spindle Gouges


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