WoodTurners Wonders 4 in 1 CBN Wheel 200x31.8x16mm  (8" x 11/4" x 5/8") 180g


About WoodTurners Wonders
Ken Rizza is the owner of WoodTurners Wonders and is a wood turner. He has built a very successful business on a fairly simple philosophy;


"Every business needs a focus. It’s called a mission statement. It defines who you are and what you are all about. My mission for WoodTurners Wonders is: To enhance the WoodTurners experience by providing Innovative and competitively priced cbn grinding wheels, bright magnetic lamps, sanding supplies and unique tools.”


Now supplying a range of CBN wheels to the American market and via Woodwork Machinery...Plus into Australia.


If there is a product in his range, we can source it for you.


CBN Wheel 4-in-1 Design, 8-inch diameter, 5/8" arbor


This wheel has four usable features: 
1) The face of the wheel is 1.25" wide for normal sharpening.
2) 1/4" radius on each side – our best seller for sharpening hollowing tool bits and scrapers. 
3) Both sides of the wheel have a 1" side face of CBN material for non-hollow grinding skews and scrapers!
4) The inside edge of the wheel has a 9mm, 90 degree gap (about 1/3") space shoulder for making relief cuts or tapers on hook type scrapers or box scrapers.


This wheel is 8" in diameter and has a 5/8" arbor hole. 


Includes the unique Self-Aligning Spherical Washer, 3-piece set at NO CHARGE.

WoodTurners Wonders 4 in 1 CBN Wheel