WoodTurners Wonders Wonder Slick Stick


About WoodTurners Wonders
Ken Rizza is the owner of WoodTurners Wonders and is a wood turner. He has built a very successful business on a fairly simple philosophy;


"Every business needs a focus. It’s called a mission statement. It defines who you are and what you are all about. My mission for WoodTurners Wonders is: To enhance the WoodTurners experience by providing Innovative and competitively priced cbn grinding wheels, bright magnetic lamps, sanding supplies and unique tools.”


Now supplying a range of CBN wheels to the American market and via Woodwork Machinery...Plus into Australia.


If there is a product in his range, we can source it for you.


Our new Wonder Slick Stick has several benefits for Wood Turners and Wood Workers. This all-natural product is a lubricant that works its way deep into any surface to reduce friction, wear and heat.


When used on CBN wheels for grinding, it protects the wheel from clogging with even the softest metals like copper and aluminum. It also makes sharpening more efficient and keeps the wheel and tool cooler.


Use Wonder Slick Stick on your bandsaw blade to prevent binding and burning on heavy or sharp cuts.  Try it on the bed of your lathe or the banjo. Use it to prevent binding with your coring tools. Try it on hollowing tools, bowl gouges and even sandpaper for a noticeable difference that will not affect your finishing or leave behind any residue. 


And that's not all! Outside the woodshop, Wonder Slick Stick makes it easier to cut through metals, drill and tap holes and to prevent parts from seizing. It works on locks, hinges and slides as well as other numerous situations. The only limit is your imagination!

WoodTurners Wonders Wonder Slick Stick