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WoodTurner Wonders Wool Buffing Pad H&L 2" (50mm) or 3" (75mm)


About WoodTurners Wonders
Ken Rizza is the owner of WoodTurners Wonders and is a wood turner. He has built a very successful business on a fairly simple philosophy;


"Every business needs a focus. It’s called a mission statement. It defines who you are and what you are all about. My mission for WoodTurners Wonders is: To enhance the WoodTurners experience by providing Innovative and competitively priced cbn grinding wheels, bright magnetic lamps, sanding supplies and unique tools.”


Now supplying a range of CBN wheels to the American market and via Woodwork Machinery...Plus into Australia.


If there is a product in his range, we can source it for you.


Available in 2" (50mm) and 3" (75mm).


These pads are constructed of 100% high-nap wool knitted into a synthetic backing. The quality is consistent compared to our natural lambswool pads.


Natural color on a black hook and loop back that can be attached to our Roloc backer pads, Tuffy holders or any 3" hook and loop backer pad. Use them to add luster and shine to your finishes.

WoodTurners Wonders Wool Buffing Pad H&L 2" or 3"


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