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Mica Flake Pigment Powder 10 gram bag.


Luci Colour Pigment Powders display strong lustre, they are non toxic, have good light fastness, and mix well into epoxy resin systems.  They are ideal for interior and exterior applications.  They are perfect for resin art.


The effect is caused by a thin film with a high refractive index and a pearlescent colour due to light interference.  The colour comes from the interference and the properties of the chemicals in the thin film. 


The base material comprises mica titanium flake, flake quartz, flake alumina and flake glass. These are coated with a film of transparent metal oxide with a high refractive index.  The interference between different beams of light produces the three dimensional pearl colour.


They can be incorporated into any epoxy resin system.  Depending on the amount and how even the dispersion is required, it may be necessary first to mix them into a small amount of resin until they are evenly dispersed, then mix this dispersion into the main body of the resin system.

Luci Colour 10g Mica Flake Pigment Powder


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