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LuciClear Clear Gel Epox-E-Glue 450g


LuciClear Clear Gel Epox-E-Glue is probably our chemists' master piece.  The manufacturers have been trying to get this to work for years, and finally, here it is.


This is a thixotropic clear gap filling epoxy glue.  That means it is a gel or a paste which will bridge a gap and stay where you put it (liquids slump and run away) and it is clear.  Its behaviour is really interesting.  It looks like a solid in the jars, you scoop out a quantity of part A and half that amount of Part B, mix them together and they mix and behave as reasonably thick liquids whilst being mixed. Then you leave it for 15 minutes and it is almost solid, but not cured.  You can remix it back into a near liquid form.


So you mix the two parts together, wait a bit then put it into the work piece and if necessary adjust its shape and position.  Then it will stay there. When it cures, it is strong just like regular Epox-E-Glue.



  • Glue joints needing a clear glue line
  • Glue joints with many or varied gaps to produce a clear glue line
  • Clear fillets in high class boat building
  • Filling and restoring knot holes or other flaws in timber
  • Art resin workers can tint or pigment it and brush it out for texturing with minimal pigment smearing or flow.

LuciClear Clear Gel Epox-E-Glue 450g

SKU: EEGclr-450

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