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Sherwood 6in Bench Top Helical Head Jointer


This Sherwood 6in (150mm) Benchtop Spiral Head Jointer features an authentic helical head with fourteen four-sided carbide cutters.


It is a fantastic benchtop jointer perfect for anyone who requires a compact portable jointer perfectly suited for working all types of materials, particularly difficult and figured timbers.


A benchtop jointer is great for use in tiny workshops and on site. And whilst this machine is compact, it is not small on features.


The Sherwood 6in Benchtop Helical Head Jointer

  • Features an authentic spiral cutter head with 14 carbide cutters sharpened on 4 edges
  • Heavy-duty cast-iron table provides a reliable and sturdy jointing surface for your workpieces
  • Features a spacious 158 x 720mm (6.2 x 28.4in) table
  • 1500W (2.0HP) motor generates 10000 RPM cuts 0 to 3.0mm in depth
  • Adjustable 110 x 580mm (4.25 x 22.8in) cast iron fence angles 45 - 90 degrees
  • Includes two push blocks, a 63mm (2.5in) dust chute and a dust filter bag


An authentic helical head

Many planing machines available claim to have a helical head, where in fact they only have a spiral segmented head. This Sherwood 6in Benchtop Jointer features an authentic helical head with 14 individual carbide cutters in two rows wrapped around the head. This jointer is perfect for planing difficult and figured timbers with minimal chance of grain tear out.


14 x 4 sided carbide cutters

If you haven’t heard already, carbide cutters are the way to go. Each cutter is 14mm square and sharpened on all four edges. Each cutter fixes directly to the indexed spiral head via a steel grub screw. The edge of each cutter is slightly radiused so to ease the shearing cutting action. When dull or damaged, due to the indexed head, it is very easy to release the carbide cutter and turn to expose a brand-new cutting edge. Each carbide has 4 sharp edges - no sharpening required!


1500W motor

Though it’s a compact machine, the Sherwood 6in Benchtop Helical Head Jointer offers a substantial 1500W (2.0HP) motor. Because the shearing cutting action of the spiral head puts drag on the motor. This benchtop jointer requires more power than usual to operate effectively. No worries, this Sherwood benchtop jointer has all the power you will need.


Cast iron worktable and fence

Weighing in at 29kg’s, this benchtop jointer sports plate aluminium cabinet and cast iron worktable and fence. This unit is compact, dense yet still easy to store or move around. The extra weigh means this benchtop machine sits rock solid on its rubber feet with no chance of vibration. The fence also features heavy duty locking handles so it may be firmly secured at any angle between 45 and 90 degrees.


Convenient and quiet

This 6in Benchtop machine is convenient and quiet. Convenient because its compact and easy to move and store. Quiet because spiral cutter heads operate far more quietly than a conventional straight blade cutter head. Work away in the middle of the night in your tiny workshop without disturbing the peace.


5-Year Warranty

All Sherwood products feature a standard 5-Year limited warranty. No other benchtop woodworking machine in its class is more supported than the Sherwood 6in Benchtop Helical Head Jointer.




Model SKU


Country of origin



5 years limited


1500W 7A

Cutterhead RPM


Cutter head


Carbide cutters

14 x 4 sharpened edges

Cutter configuration

2 rows of 7 cutters

Max Cutting Width

153mm (6.0in)

Max Cutting Depth

3mm (1/8in)

Table size

158 x 720mm (6.2 x 28.4in)

Fence size

110 x 580mm (4.25 x 22.8in)

Fence angle

45 – 90 degrees

Dust collection port

63mm (2 ½ inches)

Blade guard



4 x rubber feet


2 x push blocks and filter bag


29kg unpackaged

Sherwood 6in Bench Top Helical Head Jointer


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