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Manpa Quick Release Vise 600mm


• 600 Wide Size Vise
• Securely fix objects 
• Sliding board on vise – Quick release type
• Urethane plate used to prevent work piece damage
• Size of Quick release vise : 600 mm



  • Max. Clamping Length: 600 mm
  • Max. Clamping Wide: 260 mm to Wide
  • Weight: 20 kg



Quick Release System
With Quick Release Button, the Sliding Plate can be easily moved and placed to fix the objects.

Use of Standing Aside Way
If the objects are big and heavy, Users can use Quick vise standing aside to hold the part of objects.

Customized Weight & Fix
On the backside of Vise, There are 4 holes which users can add the weight like the wood plate and fix to the others.

Manpa Quick Release Vise 600mm

SKU: MANPA-MP21-20-600

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