Dust Collector 1PH 2HP Cannister Top / Plastic Bottom 1Bag FM300B by Oltre, Manufactured in China


This unit has more than enough power for 2-3 machines (using Shut Offs at each machine). Perfect for the home handyman.



  • Increased surface area of 700% from standard filter bag
  • 1 micron filtration
  • Easy to clean handle to rotate beaters inside of cartridge


Optional Accessories:-

Replacement Bottom Bag Plastic


Dust Collection Accessories:-

  • Dust Hose 100mm
  • Hose Clips
  • Blast Gate 100mm Plastic
  • Blast Gate 100mm Plastic – Self Cleaning (Double Insert)
  • Blast Gate 100mm Aluminium
  • Elbow 100mm
  • Y Connector 100mm
  • Dust Fitting Kit 100mm 21 pce
  • Dust Fitting Kit 100mm 43 pce


Full 12 Month Manufacturer’s Warranty for Wood Dust

OLTRE Dust Extractor 2HP w Pleated Filter

SKU: 8600293

    Air Supply 1490CFM
    Brand Oltre
    Net Weight 47kg
    Motor Power 2HP 1500W
    Shipping Dimensions (LxWxH) 510 x 510 x 800mm, 920 x 580 x 580mm
    Shipping Weight 61kg
    Power Supply 240V 50Hz Single Phase
    Electrical Connection Lead & Plug
    Fan Diameter: 300mm
    Inlet Diameter: 125mm
    Collection Bag Material (base) Clear Plastic
    Filter Bag Material (Top) Cartridge Canister Filter
    Bag Diameter 500mm
    Bag Height 850mm
    Bag Volume 0.153m3
    Product Dimensions - Depth 750mm
    Product Dimensions - Height 2000mm
    Product Dimensions - Length / Width 1000mm
    Dust Port 2 x 100mm