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Dust Collector 3PH DC3800 by Oltre


This high performance extractor is more than capable of servicing your entire workshop! Three 100mm outlets allow you to connect to machines around your shop and by using shut offs, maximise the airflow at each machine.


Specifications DC3800

  • Air Speed: 2500CFM
  • Fan Diameter: 305mm
  • Inlet Diameter: 150mm
  • No. Intake Holes: 3 x 100mm
  • Filter Bag (Top) Material: Needlefelt
  • Collection Bag (Bottom) Material: Clear Plastic
  • Bag Diameter: 500mm
  • Bag Height: 1100mm
  • Bag Volume: 0.43m3


Optional Accessories:-

  • Replacement Bottom Bag, Plastic
  • Replacement Top Bag, Needlefelt
  • Replacement Top Bag, Calico


Dust Collection Accessories:-

  • Dust Hose 100mm, Clear Antistatic
  • Hose Clips
  • Blast Gate 100mm Plastic
  • Elbow 100mm
  • Y Connector 100mm
  • Stepped Reducer 1 – 6″ Plastic
  • Optional Cartridge Filter CF2024


Full 12 Month Manufacturer’s Warranty



OLTRE Dust Extractor 5HP 3PH

SKU: 52256

    Weight 87 kg
    Dimensions 1170 x 560 x 570 mm
    Brand Oltre
    Power Supply 240V 50Hz Single Phase
    Motor Power 5HP 3700W  3PH
    Shipping Dimensions (LxWxH) 1170 x 560 x 570mm
    Net Weight 87kg
    Product Dimensions - Depth 800mm
    Product Dimensions - Height 2000mm
    Air Supply 2500CFM
    Fan Diameter: 305mm
    Inlet Diameter: 150mm
    Bag Diameter 500mm
    Bag Height 850mm
    Bag Volume 0.307m3
    Filter Bag Material (Top) Needlefelt
    Electrical Connection Lead & Plug
    Dust Port 3 x 100mm
    Collection Bag Material (base) Needlefelt
    Tool/ Equipment Type Dust Collector

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