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Organoil Citrus Terpene 1ltr


Citrus Terpene or d-Limonene is a naturally pure oil which is produced from citrus fruit skins by the distillation process.


Nature has produced this oil in living, organic plant material, and therefore, nature has methods in place to accept, reduce, breakdown, absorb and otherwise handle this oil as part of the chemistry of the Earth’s living eco system. In other words, d-Limonene is BIODEGRADABLE.


Undiluted Citrus Terpene can replace a wide variety of products including Mineral Turpentine, Acetone and Tolulene. It can also be combined with a surfactant to produce household cleaners.


It is an ideal thinner for Tung oil, to assist with penetration of the oil into porous surfaces i.e., timber, concrete, mud brick, slate, terracotta etc. It is an effective cleaner and will dissolve grease, remove stains i.e. lipstick ,wax, printers ink, glue chewing gum, crayons, bitumen and many other “stubborn

to remove substances - even if those substances were derived from petroleum sources.


Citrus Terpene has greater “cutting” power than mineral Turpentine and can be used as an alternative whenever the use of Turpentine is called for.

ORGANOIL Citrus Terpene 1ltr


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