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200mm 8″ 1HP Slow Speed Bench Grinder 80-808 by Rikon


Sharpening tools or general grinding work is made a bit easier and more exact with RIKON’s low speed bench grinders with motor speeds of only 1,450 RPM, where other grinders operate at 3.450 RPM! This lower speed means that metal being removed can be controlled better, and reduces heat build-up and ‘bluing’ of a cutting edge being sharpened – ruining the hardness and temper of the tool.


1HP Low Speed Bench Grinder #80-808 is a larger size motor and will tackle the tough grinding jobs that are typical in production shops, as well as the finesse shaping and sharpening of hand tools. Tool rests on this machine are extra-large and flat, without a drill bit sharpening groove. Wheel flanges are cast metal. Grinder includes dual dust collection ports on the rear of the wheel guards, and a second pair of eye shields with 2.5x magnification for close-up inspection of your edges being ground.



  • Cast iron base with rubber feet reduces vibration
  • Holes in the base for mounting grinders to a bench or stand
  • Metal wheel guards for added protection
  • Adjustable cast metal tool rests give solid tool support
  • Adjustable safety eye shields give added protection
  • Adjustable spark shields keep users safe from hot sparks
  • Aluminum oxide grinding wheels give fine cutting action
  • 60 Grit abrasive wheel for rough grinding and metal removal
  • 120 Grit abrasive wheel for final sharpening or shaping
  • Includes flexible LED work light


Optional Accessories:-

  • Bench Grinder Stand
  • Abrasive Wheels
  • Magnifying Eye Shields


Essential Optional Consumables:-

  • Abrasive Wheels 200 x 25 x 16mm
  • 60 Grit Replacement Wheel P80-805-49 suit 80-808 by Rikon
  • 120 Grit Replacement Wheel P80-805-5 suit 80-808 by Rikon



RIKON 200mm Slow Speed Grinder

SKU: 9700042

    Brand Rikon
    Tool/ Equipment Type Bench Grinder
    Use Grinding
    Size 200mm
    Power Supply 240V 50Hz Single Phase
    Motor Power 1HP / 750W
    Net Weight 24.5kg
    Disc Speed 1450RPM
    Disc Size 200mm (8")
    Electrical Connection Lead & Plug
    Dust Port 31mm
    Product Dimensions - Depth 305mm
    Bore Size 16mm (5/8")
    Product Dimensions - Height 356mm
    Product Dimensions - Length / Width 483mm
  • RIKON Power Tools Australia (“Seller”) warrants to only the original retail consumer/ purchaser of our products that each product be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of five (5) years from the date the product was purchased at retail. This warranty may not be transferred.


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    This limited warranty does not apply to accessory items such as blades, drill bits, sanding discs, grinding wheels, guide bearings or belts and other related items.

    Seller shall in no event be liable for death, injuries to persons or property, or for incidental, contingent, special, or consequential damages arising from the use of our products.


    To take advantage of this warranty proof of purchase documentation, which includes date of purchase and an explanation of the complaint, must be provided.


    The Seller reserves the right to effect at any time, without prior notice, those alterations to parts, fittings, and accessory equipment which they may deem necessary for any reason whatsoever.

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