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VICMARC VL240 BM, ASM & ASM Heavy Duty 1.5kw


The VL240 Lathes have a swivel head feature which allows for the headstock to turn its normal straight position out to 90 degrees. There are four individual pin-lock positions at increments of 22.5 degrees. This feature enables the turner to position their workpiece so that they can stand comfortably whilst turning inside vessels and bowls.


Large pieces can be turned outboard by swivelling the headstock to 90˚ and using an Outboard Turning Attachment. It has an accurate locking feature which ensures that the lathe will return to perfect zero position. The VL240 has a very solid cast iron construction.


The VL240 has an electronic variable speed drive that gives up to 200% torque on low RPM with a powerful 1.5kW (2hp) inverted 3ph from 1phmotor. The Variable Speed Unit for VL240 is contained inside a strong steel enclosure and can be mounted on the wall behind the machine.


The VL240 lathe motor and headstock are fitted with 3 step pulleys which provide 3 ratios 1:1 for small to medium size work; 1:1.5 for medium to large work; and 1:3.2 for large work. For extra torque, simply change the Poly V Belt ratio to 1:3.2. Digital speed readout located on the headstock displays the actual spindle RPM regardless of which ratio the belt is positioned on.


Another great feature on this lathe is the indexing pin safety switch. This prevents accidental start-up whilst the indexing pin is engaged, preventing belt damage.


The VL240 ASM Heavy Duty is mounted on an adjustable stand which is made from 5mm thick plate steel. It has been designed with a 700mm wide footprint for stability and rigidity and the adjustable legs allow you to customise the height. The stand also features wood shaving discharge chute and a knee stop bar.

The VL240 is also available as BM EVS (Bench Mount) (Electronic Variable Speed). The BM model includes motor, electronic unit and remote switch box (no stand).


VL240 Specifications
ASM  -  Bench Mount

  • Centre Height       240mm - 240mm
  • Swing Over Bed      490mm - 490mm
  • Distance Between Centres      580mm - 580mm
  • Work Height (Stand bottom to spindle centre)     1020 – 1195mm  545mm
  • Indexing Holes      24 - 24
  • Headstock & Tailstock Spindle     No. 2 MT - No. 2 MT
  • Spindle Bearings      Taper Roller - Taper Roller
  • 3 Speeds EVS      10-3000rpm -EVS 10-3000rpm
  • Toolrest Post Diameter      30mm - 30mm
  • Hole through Head & Tailstock     15 / 10.5mm - 15 / 10.5mm
  • Quill Travel      75mm  - 75mm
  • Net Weight      250kg - 166kg
  • Length x Width x Height     1270 x 710 x 1280 - 1270 x 400 x 800


VL240 ASM Heavy Duty

  • Centre Height      240mm
  • Swing Over Bed      490mm
  • Distance Between Centres      580mm
  • Work Height (Stand bottom to spindle centre)      1065 – 1340mm
  • Indexing Holes      24
  • Headstock & Tailstock Spindle      No. 2 MT
  • Spindle Bearings      Taper Roller
  • 3 Speeds EVS      10-3000 rpm
  • Toolrest Post Diameter      30mm
  • Hole through Head & Tailstock      15mm / 10.5mm
  • Quill Travel      75mm
  • Net Weight      299kg
  • Length x Width x Height (mm)      1270 x 710 x 1280


Standard Accessories

  • 1 Face plate 150mm
  • 1 Heavy Duty Live Centre
  • 1 Toolrest 300mm
  • 1 Knockout Bar
  • 1 Heavy Duty Drive Dog
  • 1 Spanner
  • 1 Vicmarc Hat
  • 1 Owner’s Manual