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WOODCUT Pro-Mount Carving Stand


Born out of the need to hold chuck mounted turned work for embellishing.


This is far more than a carving stand. Choose the correct spindle for your lathe and this gives you the option of mounting a woodturning chuck with the same thread onto the Pro-Mount. Turners can screw a freshly turned bowl directly onto the Pro-Mount for embellishment and decoration while the bowl is held in the jaws of the chuck. The Pro-Mount is precision machined from 1045 high tensile steel.


  • 360 DEG. ROTATION - Two independent locking levers means you can rotate your work horizontally as well as vertically offering positive positional locking at any position. The outer lever controls horizontal rotation allowing you to turn your work a full 360 deg. The inner handle controls vertical rotation also 360 deg. There is great advantage in being able to adjust your work one plane at a time.
  • PROJECT STAYS SECURE - When unlocking a lever to adjust the angle of your work the chuck or carving plate (whatever is holding your project) stays securely held in the Pro-Mount without the risk of it dropping and damaging your work, which is a risk with other Carving products.
  • STURDY AND VERSATILE - Once the levers are locked your work will not move and carving or decorating can commence. The bench stand has slots in the base to allow mounting on your bench, wall, a milling machine cross slide or pillar drill table.
  • LATHE TO CARVING TO LATHE - A freshly turned vessel can be moved onto the Pro-Mount whilst remaining in the woodturning chuck allowing it to then be put directly back onto the lathe to finish turning once completing your embellishment or carving.
  • VACUUM CHUCK COMPATIBLE - The Pro-Mount spindle has a hole through the centre and a 1/4" BSP thread at its base for an airline fitting. This gives the option of using a vacuum chuck as a means of workholding.
  • USER GUIDES & VIDEOS SUPPLIED - An extensive user guide booklet is included in the box with your Pro-Mount. User guide and demonstration videos available on our You Tube channel.

For attaching your Pro-Mount to your lathe or work space:

  • Pro-Mount Bench Stand - For fitting and securing to any fixed surface, ie. workshop bench or wall.
  • Tool Post - To attach your Pro-Mount directly to your lathe


The bench stand post doubles as a 1" tool post with a 1/2 inch UNF, which offers the choice of mounting your Pro-Mount on your lathes banjo. Each lathe requires a different diameter tool post so if you require a different size tool post you will need to purchase this separately.

For attaching your carving project to your Pro-Mount:

  • Chuck Spindle - A Chuck Spindle will give you the option to attach your project to your Pro-Mount whilst still in the chuck.

Comes with bench stand (incl. bench plate and 1" tool post), Pro-Mount Body and Chuck Spindle (Size selection available)




WOODCUT Pro-Mount Carving Stand


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