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Micro Jig FITFINDER 1/2 Gauge


Sometimes there is simply a better and quicker way. When machining wood, Micro Jigs FITFINDER will improve accuracy and save you time in your workshop.

Find 1/2 the thickness of your material in seconds. The FITFINDER 1/2 Gauge allows you to find the 1/2 thickness of any material up to 3" (76.2mm) thick. Create perfectly fitting joints with zero guesswork, set fences and transfer cutting depths instantly—all with no math or measuring.


No math or measuring required
The FITFINDER 1/2 Gauge automatically finds the centre of your workpiece using simple geometry. Lock the measurement in place and set the cutting depth of your saw blade, router bit or rip fence.


How to use FITFINDER
The Micro Jig FITFINDER jig is fully marked out for ease of use.

  • Match the material Thickness. Simply place your material under the part P2, then lower P2 so that it rests on top of the material.
  • Find the 1/2 point. The bottom of part P3 automatically adjusts to exactly 1/2 the thickness of your material
  • Transfer the measurement. Twist the two knobs and lock in the measurement, then use the FITFINDER to set cutting depths and fences


Features & benefits

  • Simply to use one action adjustment to find the perfect centre every time, save your time and increase accuracy
  • The FITFINDER is fully marked out for ease of use, no complicated processes involved
  • There are two magnets in the FITFINDER base, secure your FITFINDER whilst you transfer the measurements
  • The FITFINDER is robust and compact, guaranteeing many years of accurate performance
  • Applications
  • Set rip fences for resawing
  • Find the centre point of stock for the lathe
  • Set precise cutting depths
  • Setup router bits accurately


How is it so?
The FITFINDER was conceived by Henry Wang Micro Jig Founder. While Henry was developing the Dado Stop, he found setting the dado’s depth for half-laps challenging. Henry realised that the mathematician Pythagoras had solved this problem more than 2000 years ago! Henry applied the Pythagoras simple principle of geometry to a common woodworking process and the FITFINDER was born.


Who is Micro Jig
Micro Jig produces a range of woodworking tools are designed to let creativity guide your work. Micro Jig tools allow you to achieve incredible precision easily and safely, which makes woodworking more enjoyable.

Micro Jig FITFINDER 1/2 Gauge


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