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Micro Jig Micro-Dial Taper Jig


The easiest, most precise tapers you'll ever cut. The MICRODIAL is the smartest tapering jig on the block. With built-in settings and GRR-RIPPER compatibility, you get the precision you want and the safety you need.


Micro Jig's micro-accurate tapering jig for table saws, and routers
Set angles by rise over run or degree easily with the ColorMatch dials. Use the Rise Over Run ColorMatch dial to set your taper between 0 - 51mm (0 - 2in) with 1.6mm (1/16in) intervals. We provide a simple step-by-step taper formula so you can eliminate the guesswork.


Use the Degree Scale ColorMatch dial to set exact angles as low as 1/8th of degree, and expands from 0 - 10° with the simple turn of the dial. Measurement markings are color-coded and lock in place, so you get the exact angle you want, quickly.


Automate your favourite angles
You can also work faster and smarter with MemoryLocks. The MemoryLocks allow you to quickly set, lock and switch between angles, saving you the time it takes of building one-off shop made jigs that may only be used once. GRR-Ripper + MicroDial = Smart Tapers


Use the MicroDial with your existing GRR-Rippers (not included with the MicroDial - all images showing the GRR-Ripper are for illustration purposes) for the safest, most precise tapers you can achieve. The GRR-Rippers allow you to safely control your workpiece through the entire cut.

Cut legs on the table saw and route profiles on your router table with this setup. The safest, most precise way to go.


Craft impeccable tapered legs.
The passion of the woodworker is found in the details. It’s what makes your art come to life. Create 2-, 4-, 6- or 8-sided tapered legs with unmatched precision, control, and safety. It has a universal design, because the MicroDial Taper Jig runs against the fence, it can be used on any table saw, router table, or any machine with a right-hand fence.

Micro Jig Micro-Dial Taper Jig

SKU: TIM TJ-5000

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